The Accidental Prime Minister Movie Review: Today Release

Movie Name: The Accidental Prime Minister

Release Date: 11 Jan 2019

Genre: Drama Politician

The Accidental Prime Minister’ is the Release Today Bollywood Hindi Politician Movie, the movie is directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte and will feature Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Suzanne Bernert and Aahana Kumra as lead characters. 

The Accidental Prime Minister Review:

The film ‘The Accidental Prime Minister‘ is released today, which has been a controversy for a long time. This film is made on Sanjay Baru’s book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Media Adviser from 2004 to 2008. After leaving the post, he wrote this book. In the book, he told that Manmohan Singh was the prime minister but all decisions were taken by Congress President Sonia Gandhi. According to Sanjay Baru, Manmohan Singh wanted to do a lot but his hurdle party was coming. The film is now released just before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It is Anupam Kher in Manmohan Singh’s character. And Akshay Khanna in Sanjay Baru’s role. Is the movie showing only what is in the book?

After watching the trailer, you must have thought that this book will be based entirely on Manmohan Singh. This movie is about Sanjay Baru more than Manmohan Singh. The hero of this movie is Sanjay Baru. Seeing it, it seems Sanjay Baru was less concerned about Sonia Gandhi taking big decisions, It was Barua’s intention, however, that the PMO would have gone according to him.

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If you are interested in politics, So you can see this to know, That’s the creativity of electoral war now reached the theaters through social media. Sanjay Baru, one place in the film, says, “Political levels have come down so many times, but never like that. Seeing the film, what is the level of politics and why is it? Who will benefit from doing this?

At the end of the film, Manmohan Singh says, “That will not be remembered by the historians’ media headlines but by their works”. Even after watching the film, it can be expected that people do not make their image in their mind after watching the film. You can also watch it for the strong acting of Akshaye Khanna.