Sui Dhaga Movie Trailer Launch, Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan in desi Look

Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan starrer movie ‘Sui Dhaga’ Make In India trailer has been resealed. These Two stars, who reached the film’s trailer launch event, had a great deal of fun. The trailer of “Sui Dhaga” Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan has been hit on youtube. The video released 21 hours ago has seen more than 1.22 million views so far. According to the film’s title, the story of the film is on those people whose Livelihood runs from the work of sewing-weaving. In the film, Varun Dhawan played Maoji and his wife Mamta’s character Anushka Sharma

Both actors are getting a very good woof these days for their movie trailer. Anushka said,”When Sharat came to me with a screenplay, I was thrilled o read it, I saw and watched his late films and when  I read the script of “Sui Dhaga”. I liked and he liked the story. I liked that Yash Raj films are making this films, but still, I did not say the first movie.

These Two stars, who reached the film’s the trailer launch event, had a great deal of fun. At the same time, Anushka Sharma became disturbed by the theme of the film. During this, Anushka became so worried that Varun Dhawan had to come forward himself to help him.

Actually, it happened that during the trailer launch of the movie, the whole event was kept on the Sui Dhaga theme. During this period, there was a considerable quantity of thread, that thread was used in decoration. This thread became difficult for Anushka, In the heels of Anushka  Sharma, the thread was stuck, which repeatedly caused its balance to worsen.

In order to help Anushka lose his balance, Varun Dhawan came forward immediately and started throwing strings trapped in his feet.

Sharat Kataria, director of ‘Dum Laga Hisha’ directed it. ‘Sui Dhaga’ – Make in India’ is the story of self-reliance. The country’s local artisans have made the logo of the film. The film will be released on 28th September.