PIHU Movie Review: Story Two Years PIHU, Watch Trailer

PIHU Movie Review

Parents never leave their children alone to fear that their child unknowingly does not harm themselves. Vinod Kapri’s movie released this week, Pehu, seems to be revolving around this fact. Actually, in the urban areas, the children of the nuclei homes alone, who have no one to care for, or they have been alone for some reason, tell the tales. Interestingly, this movie is based on a true story. So, will the pahu will provide the nail chewing experience to the audience or will it disappoint the audience? Let’s review.


Pihu is the story of a girl who is trapped in her own house. Pihu (Mayra Vishwakarma alias Pihu) is two years old and on this special occasion, his mother Pooja (Prerna Sharma) and father Gaurav (voice given by Rahul Bagga) throw a party. There is a big fight in the parents after drinking pahu in the night, and there have been several major fights between the two earlier. In the morning the next morning, pride goes out of Kolkata in connection with his work. At the same time, Pooja is fed up with the burden of her marriage and sleeping after eating sleeping pills. The next morning when the pahu rises, then the worshiper comes near the corpse and tries to awaken it. Although she is not aware that her mother is dead. In the meantime, Gaurav Puja calls from any work. The phone raises the pahu but does not speak properly due to its inferiority. Meanwhile, Pahu seems hungry and he wants to find food for himself. The refrigerator goes near the kitchen gas stove. What happens after this is seen only after watching the rest of the film.


Who does not like to see children’s cute videos on the internet and TV? Seeing kids playing with jam, cream, water, and pets, the voice of ‘aww’ has to come out of the mouth. Pihu exactly walks with his opposite plot. Here are the deadliest threats on step-by-step. Electric appliance, dead mother, pieces of glass, open balcony, fire, Finyle. This film is a horror film and it is also very violent. The screenplay level is the movie one-ton because there is no hope of a life of pie here, nor is it a cover of the Innet mischief in the home alone child. Neither the child has a sense of understanding nor is there any way to become a subject full-length film. Although the film trailer can be made as a kid’s safety addiction. When a threat comes on the little girl, the soul shakes, Then comes the idea that you should get up from the middle of the house and go home and prove the baby to the house. Writing downright of the film is manipulative and to a lesser extent, weird is also.

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