Petrol diesel price: Today’s increased prices

Petrol diesel price:

The common man has been shocked today by the prices of petrol and diesel. The price of petrol and diesel has increased after one day’s intervals. Petrol price has increased by 20 paise and diesel price has increased by 21 paise. The new price of petrol in Delhi reached Rs 79.51 / liter and the new price of diesel reached Rs 71.55 / l. On Tuesday and Wednesday in Delhi, the price of petrol was Rs 79.31 / liter and the price of diesel was Rs 71.34 / liter.

Talking about the financial capital Mumbai, petrol and diesel are the most expensive in the country. After rising in Mumbai today, petrol reached Rs 86.91 per liter. At the same time, diesel has reached Rs 75.96 per liter. Talking about previous prices, the petrol earlier in Mumbai was Rs 86.72 / lt. In Mumbai, the Pahal Diesel was Rs 75.74 / Lea. Tell you that the increase in diesel prices can lead to inflation, as diesel is used in vehicles for the transport of food and agricultural products.

The opposition is an attacker on the Modi Government over the rising prices of petrol diesel. The parties are reminding BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the old promises. Randeep Surjewala tweeted yesterday that the increased value of essential goods was ruining the budget of all Indians. He said, “The people of the country will never forgive the Modi government for fuel looting and will answer it in the coming election.”