Laila Majnu movie trailer: The new story of Mohabbat

Laila-Majnu: (7th September) Performed by Imtiaz Ali and perhaps directed by Ali, Laila-Majnu will be debut film in the main role of Tirupati Dimari and Avinash Tiwari in the film industry. The story of this movie is inspired by the story of the classic Laila-Majnu. The story of this movie is of two love lovers in Kashmir who are ready for every battle from the world for their love. Love and separation have been shown much in the movie trailer. The film, which is being released on September 7, is co-produced by Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor, and Preeti Ali.

When the stories of Beintha Mohabbat come on Zuban then those tales include Laila and Majnun’s names. If you can not live together with all the time for love and live together, then die together. These unique tales of history were seen in the 1976 film Laila Majnu and now once again director Sajid Ali is coming to the screen about this story.

The names of the characters are Laila and Majnun. The trailer of the movie, which is being released in theaters on September 7, has been released, which is quite strong and effective. Two new faces from this film are stepping into the Bollywood world. These are Lead Actor Avinash Tiwari and Lead Actress Actress Trutti Dimri. If Avinash is seen in the role of Majun, then Terhatabh will play the role of Layla.

It is clear from the trailer that this story is Kashmir in which Avinash Tiwari is in love with Satish Dimri. Begins with a dialogue- ‘What is the problem of love, know … … unless there is insanity in it, that love is not there.’ When both of them begin to drown in the love of each other, then the family of Laila starts to feel this and begins to be a new story. This movie has been shot in very beautiful locations.

In 1976, Laila Majnun played the role of Majnun, known actor Rishi Kapoor and his Laila made Ranjita Kaur. This movie was directed by Harnam Singh. This movie was one of the greatest hits of its time