Kerala floods: Now the state of the fever, the death of nine people so far

After the flood of water in Kerala, now the problem of fever has taken home. Due to other fevers including leptospirosis, nine people have died since August 29.

Thiruvananthapuram: After flooding water from most parts of Kerala, now there is a fever due to fever. Due to other fevers including leptospirosis, nine people have died since August 29. According to the Directorate of Health Services, on Monday, one person died due to leptospirosis in Palakkad and Kozhikode districts on Monday.

Officials said that 71 people in different hospitals of the state have been found to be suffering from leptospirosis (Rat Fever), while 123 people have had symptoms of this disease. He said that more than 13,800 people on Monday treated their patients for various fevers in hospitals. Of these, 11 cases of dengue arose while 21 were suspected cases.

that more than 20 dams opened due to heavy rains, due to heavy rains, have destroyed Kerala. However, the state told the Supreme Court that due to the opening of Mulla Periyar dam, without informing neighboring state Tamil Nadu, such a devastation occurred in the state. According to Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan, the state has suffered a loss of Rs 21,000 crore, due to which he I asked for help from so many.

The Vijayan government had demanded Rs.1000 crores as a help from the Modi government, but only Rs.100 crores were given as help from the helpers. Later, 500 crores were added to this amount. At the same time, other states in the country are going to give about 200 crores of rupees to Kerala as help. The state which suffered a loss of 21,000 crores has so far received a total of around Rs.1000 crores

Experts believe that this state, which faces more than 400 deaths and displacement of more than 10 lakh people, will take a long time to recover from the flood of extinction. Given the shortage of relief, this time may be longer.

Nearly 1400 people die in the entire country due to rain and floods