Gujarat: One lakh people have entered the house under the housing scheme

Valsad: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was on a tour of his home state of Gujarat today, has arranged one lakh people under the housing scheme in Valsad today. During this, PM Modi said that my dream is that till 2022 everyone has their own house. In the program organized in Valsad, women give a 12-feet-long Rakhi to PM Modi.

PM Modi said in the program, “My dream is that when India celebrates its 75th Independence Day in 2022, every family of the country should have her own house.” She also gave special emphasis on the fact that anyone One rupee bribe has not been given to take advantage of this scheme of Center. Modi said that there is no place for ‘commission’ (brokerage) in his government.

Referring to the talk of video conferencing with beneficiaries of the housing scheme, the Prime Minister said, “Mothers and sisters can say with complete satisfaction that they have got houses according to the rules and they have not to pay a rupee bribe.” Said, “By looking at the quality of houses built under the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme, you have also wondered if the government house can also be such. The government has given the money, but with this, the house is made from the sweat of the families. ”

PM Modi said, “The family decides how the house will be, whether the goods will be used and how it will be made. Our confidence was not in contractors but in families. When the family builds its house, it makes the best”.

Modi said, “During the interaction with the women beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s housing scheme, I was looking after the houses behind them. You may also be wondering if there can be such good quality houses under the scheme. “He said,” It is possible because there is no trend of commissioning in my government. If a rupee moves from Delhi, then 100 rupees in the poor house reach. ”

Modi said that in his government it is “guts” that when the whole country is watching, the media is present, they can ask women beneficiaries whether they have given any bribe or commission to get a house. They said, “In response, the mothers and sisters can say with complete satisfaction that they get according to the house rules and they did not have to pay a rupee bribe.” The Prime Minister said that his goal is that every family of the country has their own Have a house He said, “Gujarat has taught me a lot. This has taught me to fulfill dreams in a set time. “