Box office LoveYatri & Andhadhun movie Forth day collection out

LoveYatri & Andhadhun

The weekend is a golden opportunity to get more collection for any movie. Out of the two films released this week, ‘Andhadhun’ used this opportunity entirely in comparison to ‘LoveYatri’, whose result is clearly visible in a collection. Both of these films have a third-day collection, in which the two films got momentum in the weekend but the ‘waitress’ could not stand in front of ‘Anhadhun’.

According to the reports, the film collected collections of around 50 million according to the film critic’s estimate. Talk about the rest of the film’s collection, the first day, 2.4 crores and the second day 5 crores collections. On the other hand, on the third-day collection, the film has a total collection of 12.4 crores. The budget of the movie ‘Andhadhun’ is being reported as 17 crores. That is, the film is very close to the budget.

Andhadhun movie collection day

  1. Friday collection- 2.40 crores
  2. Saturday collection- 5 crores
  3. Sunday collection- 7 crores

First-weekend box office collection- 14.4 crores

  1. Monday collection – 3 crores

Total box office collection- 17.4 crores

LoveYatri movie third-day collection 

From the beginning, the film’s hold was weak at the box office, but after catching a slight speed in the weekend, the film is still far from extending the budget. The first-day collection of the film is 1.80 crores, the second day the collection of 2 crores and the third day is estimated to be 2 crores. That is, the total collection of the film is 5.80 crores. Talking about the budget, the film’s budget is being reported at 22 crores. That is, the film has not even managed to get half the budget. From this movie, Salman Khan has launched the husband Arpita’s husband, Ayush Sharma. Apart from Waraina Hussain is in the lead role. Salman Khan also appeared in the film ‘Bigg Boss Season 12’ during the weekend campaign. It is interesting to see what happens to these films in the weekdays.

LoveYatri movie collection day

  1. Friday collection – 1.8 crores
  2. Saturday collection – 2 crores
  3. Sunday collection – 2 crores

First-weekend box office collection – 5.80 crores

  1. Monday collection – 1 crore

Total box office collection – 6.80 crores