Box office LoveYatri & Andhadhun movie collection days five, Tuesday Collection out

LoveYatri & Andhadhun

It is not a big deal to earn money if the film is good. A similar view is going on with Shriram Raghavan’s thriller film Amardhudun. This week 2 movies have been released. The first film of Salman Khan’s Jija Ayush Sharma’s Love Story and Second Amadhadhun Talk about the earning of the 5th day, the earnings of Ayush Sharma’s filmmaker have fallen further, while Andhadhun still remains under the box office.

‘Andhadhun’ and ‘LoveYatri’ films gave a tough fight to each other in the weekend. However, in the case of the collection, ‘Andhadhun’ has gone far away. Even this film budget has also been removed. Look at the three-day collection of these two films, then get a lot of ups and downs.

Andhadhun movie five days collection

Talk about the movie ‘Anhadhun’, the film collected 24 million rupees on the first day, 5 crores on the second day and 7.25 crore on the third day. On the fourth day, earned 3.40 crores. The film deposits 30 million in its account on the 5th day. That is, the total collection of ‘Anadhadhun’ film so far has been 21.40 crores. Let me tell you, the budget of this film is also 17 crores. In such a situation, the film has now started earning by raising the budget.

  1. Friday collection- 2.40 crores
  2. Saturday collection- 5 crore
  3. Sunday collection- 7 crore

First-weekend box office collection- 14.4 crores

  1. Monday collection – 3 crore
  2. Tuesday collection – 3 crore

Total box office collection- 20.4 crores

LoveYatri movie five days collection

At the same time, the ‘LoveYatri’ film budget has failed to remove even half the collection of the budget. From the beginning of the movie ‘LoveYatri’, the box office performance was very weak, the effect of which was directly visible on the collection. Talking about the collection of this film, the first day’s collection is 1.80 crore, second on day 2 crore and on the third day 2.60 crore. On the fourth day, the film earned 1.5 crores on 2 crore and 5th day. That is, the total collection of this film has so far reached 10 crores.

  1. Friday collection – 1.8 crores
  2. Saturday collection – 2 crores
  3. Sunday collection – 2.60 crores

First-weekend box office collection – 6.40 crores

  1. Monday collection – 1.5 crore
  2. Tuesday collection – 2 crore

Total box office collection – 9.90 crores