Box office LoveYatri & Andhadhun movie collection day six, Wednesday collection out

LoveYatri & Andhadhun

‘Andhadhun’ and ‘LoveYatri’ films gave a tough fight to each other at the weekend. However, in the case of the collection, ‘Andhadhun’ has gone far away. Even this film budget has also been removed. Look at the six-day collection of these two films, then get a lot of ups and downs.

Andhadhun movie six days collection

Both of these movies were of small budget In such a situation, ‘Andhadhun’ grew out of a budget, but the ‘LoveYatri’ failed to do so. According to the reports, ‘Andhadhun’ film is being estimated to collect 3 crore collections on the sixth day. On the other hand, on the other day, on the first day 2.40 crore, on the second day 5 crore, on the third day 7.25 crore on the fourth day 3.40 crore and on the fifth day 3.10 crore collections. At the same time mixing a sixth-day collection, the ‘Andhadhun’ film has so far collected 24.35 crore.

  1. Friday collection- 2.40 crores
  2. Saturday collection- 5 crore
  3. Sunday collection- 7.25 crore

First-weekend box office collection- 14.65 crores

  1. Monday collection – 3.40 crore
  2. Tuesday collection – 3.10 crore
  3. Wednesday collection – 3.20 crore

Total box office collection- 24.35 crores

LoveYatri movie Six days collection

The film collected a collection of Rs 1.80 crore on the first day, second on the second day, 2.60 crores on the third day, 2 crores on the fourth day and 1.5 crores on the 5th day. On the same day, with the collection of the sixth day, the film has so far raised 11.4 crores. The budget of the film was being told about 22 crores, half of which was not able to remove the film.

  1. Friday collection – 1.8 crores
  2. Saturday collection – 2 crores
  3. Sunday collection – 2.60 crores

First-weekend box office collection – 6.40 crores

  1. Monday collection – 1.5 crore
  2. Tuesday collection – 2 crore
  3. Wednesday collection – 1.5 crores

Total box office collection – 11.40 crores