Box Office Collection: Simmba Movie Collection week 4 Report Out

Box Office Collection

Simmba (2018)

Release Date: 28 Dec 2018

Director: Rohit Shetty

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan


Simmba is a Bollywood comedy, Drama & Action Movie, directed by Rohit Shetty. In the film, Ranveer Singh, Sarah Ali Khan will be seen in the main role. Ranveer Singh movie will be seen in the role of a policeman in Simmba. The film was released in theaters on December 28, 2018.


The film starts with the introduction of the Simmba … in which an orphan child of Simmba Shivgarh. Soon, one person predicts that a small cracker is a small explosive that will blast one day. The little one grows up to become a cop who believes in doing ‘beimaani with full imaandaari’.

When Simmba gets transferred to Miramar Police Station, he comes across Shagun (Sara Ali Khan) and instantly falls in love with her.

Box Office Collection:

Ranveer Singh’s film, Simmba, has been released worldwide on 28 December. The film received tremendous response from reviewers and viewers. So, the opening of the film has also been booming. Ranveer Singh’s film has given opening up to 22 crores on the first day. The film can be on Saturdays, Sundays and perform spectacularly.

Simmba took a good opening of around 35% which is a little better than last weeks Zero.

According to early estimates, Simmba has earned Rs 2.60 crore on Fri, thus taking the total to Rs 215.03 crore.

Trade analyst took to Twitter to share the number of Simmba on its 22nd day and has said that the Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer is still rocking at the box office and is expected to cross Rs 233 crore mark today.

Collection Report Out:

No. Collection Day Total Collection
1 Friday (28 Dec 2018) 20.72 Crore
2 Sat (29 Dec) 23.33 Crore
3 Sun (30 Dec) 31.06 Crore
4 Mon (31 Dec) 21.24 Crore
5 Tue (1 Jan 2019) 28.19 Crore
6 Wed (2 Jan) 14.49 Crore
7 Thu (3 Jan) 11.78 Crore =1 Weekend 150.81 Crore Total
8 Fri (4 Jan) 9.02 Crore
9 Sat (5 Jan) 13.32 Crore
10 Sun (6 Jan) 17.49 Crore
11 Mon (7 Jan) 6.16 Crore
12 Tue (8 Jan) 6.03 Crore
13 Wed (9 Jan) 5.31 Crore
14 Thu (10 Jan) 4.29 Crore = 2Weekend 61.62 crore = 212.43 Crore Total
15 Fri (11 Jan) 2.60 Crore
16 Sat (12 Jan) 4.51 Crore
17 Sun (13 Jan) 5.30 Crore
18 Mon (14 Jan) 2.87 Crore
19 Tue (15 Jan) 2.29 Crore
20 Wed (16 Jan) 1.31 Crore
21 Thu (17 Jan) 1.18 Crore = 3 Week 20.06 Crore= 232.49 crore total
22 Fri (18 Jan) 66 lakhs = 4 Week 233.15 crore total


Simmba Movie Screen:

Simmba was fiercely promoted before release The advance booking report of the movie is also excellent. According to the reports, Simba has been released on nearly 4953 screens. The film has also been released in other countries and it is being reported as an entertaining film in the reports coming from the UAE.

India: 4020

Overseas: 963

Total: 4983 Screens

Directed by Rohit Shetty, the film also stars Sonu Sood as the main antagonist. The film also sees cameo appearances from Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, and the Golmaal team.