Box Office Collection: KGF Movie week 4 Collection Report Out

Box Office Collection

KGF Chapter-1

Release Date – 21 Dec 2018

Director: Prashanth Neel
Producer: Vijay Kirgandur
Music director: Ravi Basrur, Tanishk Bagchi
Languages: Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Cast: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Ramya Krishnan, Achyutha Kumar, Nassar.

Box Office Collection:  On December 21, another film with Shahrukh Khan’s Zero, which was in news. It is KGF. Kannada superstar Yash’s film KGF has been released all over the country. The film has got a tremendous response from critics and viewers. This movie is released with Shahrukh Khan’s Zero. Whereas South has seen the finest opening in the film. At the same time, due to the clash from Zero, it was able to earn less than KGF average in North India.

KGF First Day box office collections are off to a decent start at the box office as it has opened at 50% in morning shows across India on a wide release.

the Kannada version of the film continues to do well, the film has been roaring in the non-Kannada states too. With the film crossing Rs 200 crore across India, the Hindi version has locked it Rs 42 crore.

KGF Day Collection:

Superstar Yash’s film ‘KGF‘  box office 4 weekend total collection.4thd Week Thursday Collection out And total collection 3.03 crores. and Total Box office collection 42.43 (KGF Box Office Collection In Hindi Version).

Collection Report Out:

No.Collection DayTotal Collection
1Friday (21 Dec 2018)2.10 Crore
2Sat (22 Dec)3 Crore
3Sun (23 Dec)4.10 Crore
4Mon (24 Dec)2.90 Crore
5Tue (25 Dec )4.35 Crore
6Wed (26 Dec)2.60 Crore
7Thu (27 Dec)2.40 Crore = 1 Weekend 21.45 Crore
8Fri (28 Dec)1.25 Crore
9Sat (29 Dec)1.75 Crore
10Sun (30 Dec)2.25 Crore
11Mon (31 Dec)1.50 Crore
12Tue (1 Jan 2019)2.25 Crore
13Wed (2 Jan)1.30 Crore
14Thu (3 Jan)1.20 Crore => 2 weekend 11.50 crore = Total 32.95 crore
15Fri (4 Jan)90 Lakh
16Sat (5 Jan)1.35 Crore
17Sun (6 Jan)2 Crore
18Mon (7 Jan)88 Lakh
19Tue (8 Jan)85 Lakh
20Wed (9 Jan)76 Lakh
21Thu (10 Jan)70 Lakh => 3 weekend 7.44 crore Total = 40.39 crore
22Fri (11 Jan)38 Lakh
23Sat (12 Jan)55 Lakh
24Sun (13 Jan)68 Lakh
25Mon (13 Jan)50 Lakh
26Tue (13 Jan)39 Lakh
27Wed (13 Jan)28 Lakh
28Thu (13 Jan)25 Lakh => 4 weekend 3.03 crore Total = 42.43 crore


KGF Movie Review:

Rocky is an ambitious boy who dreams of becoming the richest and successful man, and this dream is not his own but his mother. From the streets of Mumbai to the KGF grounds, he just gets involved in fulfilling his mission.

Prashant Neel Ki ‘KGF Lead star is in the role of Achievement, Which gave the audience a lot of expectations. Did the movie get the audience to live up to this expectation? Yes, the team has completely fulfilled their expectations. The film progresses fast in the first half, which looks a bit longer. The film is perfectly fit for the second half climax.

KGF Movie Screens:

Superstar Yash’s film ‘KGF’ has been released in India about 2,460 screens.

Hindi: 1500
Kannada: 400
Telugu: 400
Tamil: 100
Malayalam: 60
Total: 2460 screens

KGF Movie Budget:

‘KGF’ is estimated to be made on a budget of Rs 80 Crores all inclusive of prints and advertising cost.