Big Boss 12: viral video Jasleen kiss Anup Jalota in front of everyone

Big Boss 12

In the Bigg Boss 12, the fans have been complaining about the duo of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu that they both have entered the house as Kapal but their behavior has not yet revealed that the truth of their relationship Could know something about Homes has to complain here too. Perhaps that is why Jasleen has fulfilled the demand of the audience as well as the audience. Yes, recently a video of Big Boss 12’s house has been shared on the site of Colors, in which Jasleen is looking for Anup Jalota’s forehead and cheeks on the cheek. This video is becoming increasingly Viral.

this video, how does Jasleen show ‘Bhajan Samrat’ in front of his family in the Washroom area? But there is a special thing in this video and it is that when Jasleen is doing Jalota, a face of Common Contestant Saurabh goes down. It seems that he is shocked and his heart is broken. However, in the video, all other householders have been seen to be witnessing this beautiful moment with great interest, and Karanveer also tells Jalota what is still left.

Let the people know that they were suspicious of their relationship in a couple of days, not like a couple in their house but rather a chemistry like a friend, and these questions were raised whether they both wanted to enter the house only. Such was the drama. On the other hand, on the other hand, these questions were raised due to the viral video of Jasleen’s 1-year-old viral video, whether he is lying. Because in this video she was talking about her singing. While at the time of entry in the house, he said that both of them are dating each other for the last three and a half years.