Asain games 2018 Rahi got gold after she went through a shoot-off twice in the women’s 25 meter pistol event

On the fourth day of the 18th Asian Games being played on Indonesia’s land, India got four gold medals in one gold and four bronze medals in shooting. Today, with 5 medals won, India is at seventh in the medal table. After four days of Asian Games, India has four gold, three silver, and four bronze medals. At the same time, China is on top of the list with 37 medals, including 82 medals.

Rahi got gold after she went through a shoot-off twice in the women’s 25-meter pistol event. Though young Manu Bhoar had to face disappointment in the final. She got screwed under pressure and stayed in the sixth position.

With the victory of four medals in Wushu, the number of medals of India has gone up to 15. India has so far won 4 gold, 3 silver, and 8 bronze medals.


Indian men’s hockey team beat Hong Kong by 26-0 in Pool B match here today, breaking their record of 86 years old and registering their biggest win in international hockey. The deep trench between the two teams was clearly visible. Last champion India improved its record in 1932 when the national team defeated America 24-1 in the Las Angeles Olympics in the presence of great player Dhyanchand, Rupchand, and Gurmeet Singh.


After winning two gold and one bronze medal in the freestyle event in wrestling, today it was disappointing for India when Harpreet Singh lost the bronze medal in Greco Roman. Harpreet, Ajit Kustubayev of Kazakhstan, in the 87 kg category, has 6. 3, although there were many questions raised at the level of the umpiring in this match.